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Light Delight Weekender

Art. No.: LDW-005

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This size fits:15"W laptops (up to 15.4") and 15" MacBook Pro with Gimp Size outside:55.0 x 40.0 x 20.0 cm Volume (litre): 45.58 Weight (grams): 634
black / pale yellow
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Light Delight Weekender
black / pale yellow

You sorted out the weekend getaway after the week from hell and we sorted the perfect bag to take your troubles away. It is part of our Light Delight Collection, and we call it the Weekender! It’s light, it’s strong, and it’s carry-on…along…able. Seriously though, it is made to the EXACT dimensions for carry-on luggage. This means you don’t have to deal with those gate garrisons at the airport anymore. Just toss your laptop in the mesh pocket inside, and bring whatever other crap you want to bring for your weekend getaway. Go get ‘em, tiger!

Please note that all shown contents of the bag are for demonstration purposes only and are NOT included when ordering this item.


  • 330d hyper performance waterproof Ripstop weave, Waterproof fine Ripstop lining
  • External zip pocket for easy access, Zip-fastened main compartment
  • Adjustable carrying handles with strap fastener, External side pockets
  • Internal Velcro-fastened mesh pocket(s), Internal zip-fastened mesh pocket(s)
  • Packaged in a drawstring mesh pouch

Customer Reviews

Holger (31. December 2014)
Tolle Tasche, die hält was sie verspricht. Egal ob ich sie als Reisetasche, Sporttasche, Einkaufstasche oder nur als Reservetasche nutze, erfüllt die Tasche voll ihren Zweck. Normalerweise lasse ich meinen Fotorucksack in der Tasche verschwinden und gewinne so im Handgepäck zusätzlich Platz und Stauraum. Das finde ich ideal, wenn man von einer Klimazone zur nächsten reist und warme Wechslebekleidung zur Hand haben möchte, die man sonst lose herumtragen müsste oder die normal im großen Koffer verstaut wäre. Nachdem ich meinen Rucksack und die Kleidung entnommen habe, verschwindet der Weekender wieder in seinem kleinen Säckchen und weiter geht die Reise. Ich hatte bezüglich der Größe bis jetzt bei keiner Fluglinie Probleme. Sehr gut gefallen mir auch die variablen längenverstellbaren Träger.
Stephan (26. August 2014)
This bag is NOT waterproof, which I learned the hard way on a weekend trip to London...
Magnus Alexander (27. August 2013)
This is a nice bag made to the usual Crumpler standards. So why only two stars? Well the one I got was not suitable for carry-on. It was larger than the dimensions given on the website and on the stuff sac the bag came with (55x40x20cm - ideal for budget airlines). At 58x23x40cms the actual size is just that bit too big to be sure of hassle-free boarding, particularly with Ryanair getting increasingly strict. And that was measuring seam to seam, the bag has no structure at all (fair enough, it is very light) and needs to be packed very carefully not to bulge out any more than this. So, not for me and I'm returning it, with a slightly heavy heart as it is a nice bag, just no use for it's stated purpose. It is also disappointing not to have had anything like an apology from Crumpler for selling me a bag that was not as described.