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Prime Mover Key Pouch

Art. No.: PKEY-007

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This size fits:Keys, headphones, coins, nut collections or chewing gum Size outside:5.0 x 9.5 x 1.5 cm Volume (litre): 0.04 Weight (grams): 22
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Prime Mover Key Pouch
black / black

Haven’t upgraded to a pin lock yet? No worries, we embrace the turn of the century and salute those who regiment this era with a Prime Key. A trusty small pouch to stow your keys in, to stop them scratching your worldly possessions in your bag. Alternatively, for those who are key-less you can also use this trusty pouch for headphones, coins, nut collection or even couple of packs of chewing gum.


Zipped main opening
External removable key ring

Customer Reviews

BenTYYC (7. October 2014)
On a whim, I ordered this to put my earbuds in. It's perfect! I coil-up the earbuds and tuck them inside. I have the Key Pouch attached to the main zipper of my Dinky Di Messenger and always have quick access when I need to tune out the rest of the world.
Raoul (22. August 2014)
The pouch looks and feels nice. Strange thing in the design is that the keyring is placed outside the zipper, and not inside; if i put keys on the keyring, I cant put them inside the pouch, which is a bit strange considering the product text stating you can use it to 'to stow your keys in to stop the scratching your wordly possessions'.