About Crumpler


The eight things that matter most.

Our origin - Down Under, mate!

1995. Melbourne, Australia. A bunch of gritty bike messengers realized they need messenger bags that could live up to their tough line of work. No bag on the market could, so they started designing those bags themselves. Crumpler was born.

The passion - Bag to the bone

Why do we make bags? Because it's what we do best. Since that initial messenger bag we strive to offer the perfect bag for every type of urban species - from street photographer to traveller to tech-savvy commuter. We are constantly researching, tweaking and improving our bags to provide you with the best possible solution.


Our Logo - The Dude

Some love him and others tattoo him on their skin.
Our logo is a childhood drawing by one of our founding fathers, and no matter what people say about the dreadlocked dude, we can't think of a better representation of the Crumpler vibe.


Quality - One love, not one night stand

We are not here to take the cash and run. We make bags that we are proud of and that are built to last. Our commitment to quality has spread via word of mouth, and over the years we've built a large base of devoted Crumpler fans.

Details - What separates the good from the great

Our bags take aaaages to make. It normally takes a year from concept to release, which isn't the way the rest of the fast-paced world of trends and fashion rolls. But trends come and go - we're here to stay. We're just not that good at making compromises. But neither are you, right?

Function - Funk yeah

Looks matter, but they're only skin deep. So we spend most of our time working on the soul of our bags, the function. We believe that a bag is an extension of your body and a key ingredient of your every day functionality. We want to get it right - and keep you moving.


The city - Living the urban dream

The Crumpler Europe team thrives in Berlin, a vibrant and creatively inspiring city packed with opportunity. It's a source for inspiration and the main testing ground for our bags. We take them out for urban explorations, get them covered in grime and dirt or spend all night at a party in a park with them. Crumpler bags are truly built in collaboration with the urban environment.

The people - Working hard, playing hard

Working at Crumpler is sweeeet! From design to marketing to sales, we do everything in-house with a mix of cats from all corners of the globe - New Zealand, Germany, Australia, the UK and the USA are just a few places we once called home. You spend most of your week at work so it has to be a good environment, right?

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