30 Year Guarantee

CRUMPLER GUARANTEE - we give you 30 years.
30 years Guarantee? Serious? Yes, serious!

We are not only saying it - we mean it. Crumpler is producing great things. Our products are not only extremely good looking but also in top quality. And cause we're so damn sure about it we guarantee it.

All bags are handmade and are subject to rigorous tests throughout the whole production process. We love our bags (would we name them otherwise?) and we want you to feel that love, too. Every day, as long as possible but at least 30 years. Guaranteed.

However, real life is tough... sometimes more and sometimes less. If you have a damaged Crumpler product that you have bought directly via our website or our direct marketplaces and you wish to have it repaired and have your receipt, please send us an email to info@crumpler.eu including that receipt plus 1-2 pictures of the fault. We will then do our best to nurse your bag back to health.

Should your Crumpler have come to you from a different place, please contact our repair team at repair@crumpler.de and they will also do their best to restore it back to its old glory. Please also make sure to include your receipt and 1-2 pictures of the fault.

Detailed information on what is included in the 30 year guarantee can be found in our Terms and Conditions

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