At Crumpler, we are experts on how to get your laptop from A to B safely. We have tested all our laptop bags with their many features personally and know exactly what is needed for a laptop bag to survive in the modern urban jungle. From messengers with integrated laptop compartments to the trendy backpacks: with every bag we have thoroughly thought about what we could do better and have a solution ready for your next journey or trip.

Each of our laptop bags is tailored to your personal needs and will always offer you the best possible protection and comfort when carrying a laptop or notebook. Whether it is the laptop backpack that you are looking for or a multifunctional laptop messenger bag, if you look through our range of IT bags you will find what you are looking for. Crumpler laptop bags are made for students going to class (or skipping class), commuters who have 10 minute trips on their bikes or hour long treks on the train and travelers off to meet a mate or family over the weekend.

Feeling adventurous? All of our bags are made to be robust and survive any planned or unplanned urban exploration.